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About Us:

CPP Is the only Authorised Supply & Fitment agent for XPEL Ultimate PLUSᵀᴹ In South Africa.

With branches in Gauteng and Cape Town and approved/accredited dealers in George and Gauteng.


To lead in service and quality excellence and be an example, not only for our industry; To grow our business concept sustain-ably and organically; Successful Partnerships create successful partners; To create opportunity for young people who share our passion and vision.


Our clients tend to be pedantic, so are we; Under sell, over perform; Transparency is key, the alternative is for people having to see through you; Ensure every clients content; Never compromise on the small things, important to others; Not to compromise on our terms of reference, except if it is to the better good for all parties involved.

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Some insight to our business

Why you can trust us to protect your ride

We might have the best globally proven product, but we firmly believe the total Customer experience is what counts. True value end to end and unmatched Service excellence.


Each vehicle is checked within 14 days after fitment to ensure the best quality standard is maintained.

Our technicians are trained on an apprenticeship program development in-house by CPP.

The accreditation and qualification process is extremely stringent and our trainees go through multitude of tests and phases which would see them qualify them for various levels as may be required during the fitment process as well as complexity of vehicles fitted.

The process can take up to 6 months.



CPP started small and we grew the company with pride organically to where it is today. Always ensuring we under promise and over deliver on our customers expectations. We had a 600% growth year on year from the Feb 2016 FYE to Feb 2017 FYE. We're clearly doing something right!

CPP is the only Paint Protection Supplier ever to receive formal approval and Endorsement from a Motor Manufacturer in South Africa. 

We wouldn't have been able to achieve this without ensuring total Satisfaction throughout our Customer experience in what and how we offer our services and products.

CPP & XPEL Ultimateᵀᴹ in South Africa

Is South Africa’s preferred, largest & only officially Authorised fitment & training agent for XPEL ™ PPF (Paint Protection Film).
Was Established in 2009
Has branches & independent dealerships in Western Cape, KZN and Gauteng;
We are the only PPF supplier in South Africa that has a formal partnership with Clubs and Dealerships including but not limited to:
Imperial Collection SA (Lamborghini, Lotus SA), Maserati SA
Nissan South Africa for GTR (all GTR’s are fitted standard on delivery to the Dealership)

Long term sponsor to:

Audi Club of South Africa
Porsche Club Central and Western Cape of South Africa.
Lamborghini owners Club of South Africa.
McLaren Club of SA
Rolls Royce Club of SA
Aston Martin Club of SA

Fitment is done on premises, thus reducing the risk with moving vehicles off-site.

Global Influence

In 2015 the global paint protection film market was expected to reach USD 1.49 billion by 2022, this anticipated growth however was exceeded in FYE Feb 2017 by annual sales having reached USD 1,85 billion, (4 years early). The growth of automotive industry coupled with rising consumer awareness regarding car protection is expected to remain key factors driving the market growth.
Global paint protection film market size was valued at USD 863.8 million in 2014. Rapidly expanding automotive industry particularly in emerging economies of Asia Pacific and Latin America is expected to remain a key driving factor for the global paint protection film market.

XPEL Ultimate PLUSᵀᴹ Paint Protection Film is Imported from the United States of America from XPEL Inc. (TSXV: DAP.U), publicly traded on the TSXV Exchange.

XPEL ™, leads the industry in designing, manufacturing and distributing high-performance automotive paint and headlamp protection film technologies. Using XPEL’s proprietary software and materials, our professional design team develops products that deliver the ultimate in vehicle protection, meeting the demands of a broad range of makes and models. With more than 70,000 vehicle-specific applications and a global network of trained installers, XPEL is dedicated to exceeding customer expectations in providing high-quality products, customer service and technical support. XPEL, Inc. (TSXV: DAP.U) is publicly traded on the TSXV Exchange. Visit www.xpel.com for more information.

XPEL pioneered the pre-cut kit market when it opened it's doors and was the worlds first PPF manufacturer to launch a self healing PPF in 2011, now in 2018 XPEL improved their self healing technology in XPEL Ultimate PLUS.

XPEL Inc has shown an average sales growth of 20% every quarter the past year.

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