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You can also ask for us by name when buying a new vehicle & the dealer can add the protection to your NEW vehicles finance.


Facsimile all branches: 086 6 701 745


Head Office (Gauteng) & all National Inquiries Telephone: 076 633 6065

(Including: General inquiries, quote requests, warranty claims and Complaints)

HO & Gauteng Email: info@customprotection.co.za / info@xpel.za.com

Accounts, Orders & Quotes (all): admin@xpel.za.com / admin@customprotection.co.za 

Western CapePlease contact Head Office

Email: wc@customprotection.co.za / wc@xpel.za.com


KwaZulu - Natal: 082 994 2473 (Bookings only)

Email: dbn@xpel.za.com

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 Protect your vehicle today against the oddities and debris from every day road use With an Aeronautical Premium Quality Protective Film.